The Loom

weaving care into our lives


weaving our lives into community

The Loom Collective is an esteemed community of teachers and integrative healthcare practitioners with years of practice and training guiding our offerings.  Each of us wends our own unique path, yet we land at one common destination where the intention to be present in our bodies, breath, hearts, and minds is primary.  We are a soft landing-place for all those weaving self-care, mindfulness, healing, and vitality into a weekly, daily, and sometimes minute-to-minute effort to live with grace and agility.



Our name The Loom is a grateful wink and nod to our beginnings at LUMA Yoga & Wellness Center in downtown Santa Cruz, a beloved jewel of a community center which for almost a decade provided a lifeline to hundreds of local yogis and families.  LUMA is among the scores of small businesses that fought fiercely and valiantly against the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, yet succumbed to the pressures of its unprecedented and intersecting crises.  From the shadow of our center's closing, we emerge like seedlings, having been nurtured by LUMA's radiant light.  Carrying our shared home in our hearts, we humbly grasp the torch and continue to gather with warmth and hope for the future. 


Thank you for joining your thread with ours.